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As a Georgia native, like many of you, my principles are rooted in family and I share your passion for making Georgia a better place.

In 2020, as the uncontested Democratic nominee for State House in Georgia’s 47th District; I ran to do something not enough legislators do, take the time to understand the humanity in our differences.  It's time those who are often talked about but very seldom talked to truly be heard and their experiences and perspectives taken into account when legislators make decisions and policies that effect them. 

​With a hope-filled appetite for seeing you, our families, our communities and small business owners thrive, once elected to the Georgia State House, it will be a delightful honor to proudly represent my amazing neighbors in House District 47 which spans North Fulton and Cherokee counties; from Milton to Mountain Park to parts of Alpharetta, parts of Roswell and parts of Canton because you and your families matter.

I'm running because you deserve peace of mind.

It seems your daily worries are different from those of politicians who prioritize power at any price and partisanship over people. 

Despite the gaps in age, gender, educational attainment, race, religious affiliation and yes, partisanship, in fierceness and friendship, I have dynamic open and honest discussions with my terrific neighbors and beloved friends in State House District 47 and beyond. Going door-to-door in the district, I asked my neighbors how I could serve them if elected.

Turns out, despite our partisanship differences, we have a lot in common. We all want the same things for ourselves and our families -- safety, security, health, and happiness. We all care about the same issues, such as the economy, health care, and education. Even though we may disagree on how best to address those issues, the fact that we care about them is what unites us. 

I have heard that Georgians want to truly see fairness, a robust economy with financial stability and lower taxes. Additionally, they want affordable healthcare, personal liberty with the freedom to exercise their God-given rights, and an elected representative who remains open to differing perspectives on issues, and considers all sides of a position. A lot of my neighbors want a representative that engages and connects face to face by addressing their concerns and frustrations and holding respectful discussions across political differences. 

I get it. I firmly believe, leadership is a selfless act not simply a position or a title, it is action and example.

This is made crystal clear by my diverse and exciting career resume. With 30 years combined, as a former police mini-precinct dispatcher, a healthcare professional, an ordained minister, a small business owner, an active commUnity leader and volunteer, I have a wealth of leadership experience to draw upon.


Filled with a zeal to help, I have been a steadfast advocate working to improve the quality of life across a variety of communities in Georgia for decades through service to others, providing assistance to those in need, and uplifting lives or simply being a devoted friend.


For instance, it has been my privilege to negotiate (hi, rate hikes) and help reduce medical bills for patients and use my network of professional friends to assist others in obtaining new jobs. 


I have consoled, counseled, encouraged, cried and laughed with many people in various settings. While a single formula for success does not exist, I understand there are no easy answers, we must be willing to listen and understand different viewpoints. This has allowed me to see up close how much we all have in common and the love we share for our families. We all have the same fundamental needs and desires, no matter our background, culture, gender, or faith. Everyone wants to be accepted, appreciated, validated, and treated with dignity for who they are and to have their voices heard. 


Imagine a Georgia where with mutual respect we agree to disagree not disconnect. Side by side, we can help shape the future you want for your business, your community, and most importantly your family. 

People Need People,


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